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2020 Annual Benefits Enrollment Overview
Welcome to Annual Benefits Enrollment! You’ll have the opportunity to enroll in your 2020 benefits between Monday, November 4 and Friday, November 15, 2019.

Your benefits are an important part of what it means to work at AXA XL. As we advance into 2020, AXA XL continues to evolve. Throughout our benefits harmonization efforts, one of our priorities has been to examine the benefits offered by each legacy group, with an emphasis on developing a future focused, high quality, equitable, market competitive and consistent total rewards program for all AXA XL colleagues. In addition, we’re committed to delivering the resources you need to make smart decisions about both choosing your benefits and using them well.

During Annual Benefits Enrollment, we ask that you take the time to understand and carefully consider all your options, and take advantage of all the ways AXA XL helps you live your best life, every day.

Navigate through this section to learn more about your 2020 benefits.

For 2020, you’ll have three medical plan options—the OAP Plan (similar to a PPO plan), the OAP HSA 1 Plan, and the OAP HSA 2 Plan. The OAP HSA 1 and OAP HSA 2 plans are qualified high deductible health plans that are each paired with a tax-advantaged Health Savings Account (HSA). 

All of the plans cover the same medical services and use the same Cigna Open Access Plus provider network. To help you decide which plan will best fit your needs, it’s important to understand the key differences. All three medical plan options provide comprehensive medical and prescription drug coverage, with prescription drug coverage provided through CVS Caremark. If you elect coverage under the Cigna medical plan, you automatically receive prescription drug coverage through the CVS Caremark plan. However, the plans differ in several ways.

To learn about their key differences, review the 2020 Benefits Decision Guide and see the 2020 plan summaries posted on this page.

Cigna tiered network

All three medical plans options have a tiered structure. This means you'll be able to choose from two tiers of providers that are considered part of Cigna's network: Tier 1 Cigna Care Network (CCN) for certain specialist providers and Non-Cigna Care Network providers (Non-CCN) providers. You may be able to utilize a Tier 1 provider near you and there are currently 18 Tier 1 specialty types available.

When you choose a Tier 1 provider, you may save on your health care costs by paying less for care and you may even receive better outcomes. Once you enroll in the medical plan, can find providers by using or the myCigna mobile app. If not yet a Cigna member, you may search for providers at Under “Select a Plan,” choose “Open Access Plus, OA Plus, Choice Fund OA Plus.” 

You also have the flexibility to utilize out-of-network providers, but the out-of-network benefits are typically less rich than the in-network benefits.

Get to know your resources

As you’re contemplating which medical plan to choose, be sure to take advantage of the resources available to you to help make your decision.

Visit to compare plans and out-of-pocket costs before you enroll! You can also confirm if your providers are in the Open Access Plus network by checking the provider directory.

To access, the user ID is axaxl2020 and the password is Cigna2020 (password is case sensitive).

Cigna One Guide

This new service provides the highest level of customer support for your medical plan needs. Whether you want to learn more about how your coverage works, find a Cigna Care Network provider or identify cost savings opportunities for care, your Cigna One Guide representative can help.

Contact One Guide during this Annual Enrollment at 1-888-806-5042 for personalized assistance with plan questions.

Starting January 1, 2020, contact One Guide for questions regarding your Cigna medical plans, providers and so much more at 1-800-244-6224.  
Prescription Drug
All of the medical plan options offer prescription drug coverage through CVS Caremark. You automatically receive prescription drug coverage when you enroll in the OAP, OAP HSA 1, or HSA 2 medical plans.

With the prescription drug benefit through CVS Caremark, you can either get your prescriptions at a participating retail pharmacy or use their mail order service. You have access to CVS’s broad national pharmacy network that also includes many Walgreens, Walmart, Costco, and other chain and independent pharmacies.

See the CVS benefits at a glance and pharmacy SPD documents posted on this page for further information. You also have the flexibility to utilize out-of-network pharmacies, but the out-of-network benefits are typically less rich than the in-network benefits.

Mandatory All Access Maintenance Choice Program

With the All Access Maintenance Choice Program, you receive 90-day refills and choose delivery by mail or pharmacy pick-up. If you do not switch to the All Access Maintenance Choice Program after one initial retail fill and one refill, your maintenance medication will no longer be covered under the prescription drug plan.

To get started, call the Customer Care number on your Prescription ID card or visit

Mandatory generics

When a generic is available, but the pharmacy dispenses the brand-name medication for any reason, you will pay the difference between the brand-name medication and the generic plus the brand copayment.

Preventive drugs

Certain in-network preventive generic medications are covered at 100%. See the Preventive Generics Drug List on for details.  

For more information, review the Prescription Drug page
For your 2020 dental plan, you’ll be able to choose between two plan options: the Premium Plan and the Basic Plan.

With both options, you’ll have access to a broad network of dental providers through MetLife. In addition, both plans provide free in-network preventive care, such as cleanings and X-rays.

A key difference between the plans is that the Premium Plan has a higher calendar year benefit maximum, and offers an orthodontia lifetime maximum of $1,500 for children and adults and coverage for Implants.

For more information, review the 2020 Benefits Decision Guide and review the 2020 plan summaries posted on this page.

Make sure your provider is in-network

Be sure to check with your dental provider or use the provider search tools available through MetLife at before making your dental plan election for 2020. Look for the PDP Plus network. You also have the flexibility to utilize out-of-network providers, but, the out-of-network benefits are typically less rich than the in-network benefits.
Your vision plan options—the Basic Plan and the Premium Plan—are available through MetLife.

Both options feature a broad network of vision providers and cover an in-network annual eye exam with a $10 copay, and provide allowances for frames and contact lenses. The Premium Plan offers a richer frames and contact lenses allowance, for you and your dependents.

See the plan summaries posted on this page for additional information.

Make sure your provider is in-network

Be sure to check with your vision provider or use the provider search tools available through MetLife at  You also have the flexibility to utilize out-of-network providers, but, the out-of-network benefits are typically less rich than the in-network benefits.
Voluntary Insurance
We know life doesn’t always go as expected, which is why we’re providing you with access to a variety of additional benefits, through Cigna designed to protect you and your family from the financial impact of a critical illness, injury, or hospital stay.

Keep in mind that these benefits do not replace your primary medical plan, but complement your coverage and you don’t have to be enrolled in an AXA XL medical plan to be eligible for this coverage.
  • Accidental injury insurance covers off-the-job accidental injuries and related out-of-pocket medical expenses for things like hospitalizations, fractures, dislocations, and more.
  • Critical illness insurance protects you from the significant out-of-pocket costs resulting from a serious illness, like cancer or a heart attack.
  • Hospital care insurance provides a financial supplement for expenses related to a hospitalization.
If you should need the benefit, you’ll receive a lump-sum payment for an approved claim and be able to use it as you see fit.

Learn more on the Voluntary Insurance page.
Savings and Spending Accounts
Savings and spending accounts offer a great way to pay for your eligible medical, dental, and vision expenses with pre-tax dollars. AXA XL offers the following accounts to choose from:

Health Savings Account (HSA)

When you enroll in one of the OAP HSA plans, an HSA is automatically opened for you through HSA Bank. The HSA has many advantages, including tax-free benefits, no use it or lose it rule, and a convenient way to pay for eligible healthcare expenses. Plus, you will be eligible to receive an annual contribution from AXA XL: $500 when you enroll in single coverage and $1,000 for all other coverage levels.  Prorated contribution amounts are available if enrolling mid-year.

If you have a balance in another HSA account and would like to roll it into your HSA Bank HSA account, see the HSA Rollover Instructions document on this page.

Health Care Flexible Spending Account (FSA)

If you enroll in the OAP Plan or a non-high deductible plan outside of the company, you may participate in the Health Care FSA for qualified medical, dental, and vision expenses. For 2020, you can contribute a maximum of $2,700 (subject to change each year).

Limited Purpose FSA

If you enroll in one of the OAP HSA plans or a qualified high deductible health plan outside of the company, you may contribute to a Limited Purpose FSA that can be used for eligible dental and vision expenses only. For 2020, you can contribute a maximum of $2,700 (subject to change each year).

Got a balance in your 2019 FSA?

Legacy AXA Art, Insurance and Matrix colleagues:
  • If you are carrying over a balance through your 2019 FSA vendor, that grace period will be administered through your current vendor and you’ll continue to submit claims to them for the runout period.
  • If you are currently enrolled in a Health Care FSA, which allows claims submissions for medical, dental and vision expenses, and you are considering switching to a high deductible health plan (OAP HSA 1 or OAP HSA 2 plans) for 2020, you will not be eligible to contribute to your HSA or receive the Company contribution to your HSA while you have a Health Care FSA balance. Your extended grace period must be exhausted before you can make or receive contributions to your HSA account in 2020. 
  • If you would like to enroll in an OAP HSA plan and receive the HSA benefits for January 2020, you will have to use the funds in your 2019 Health Care FSA by December 31, 2019.
  • If you will not be eligible to receive the Company contribution to the HSA in January, you will need to email by January 15, 2020.
Legacy XL Catlin colleagues: If you switch between the OAP and the OAP HSA plans from 2019 to 2020 and have a carryover balance in your 2019 Health Care FSA, PayFlex will carry your balance over to the Limited Purpose FSA.

Dependent Day Care FSA

The Dependent Day Care FSA can be used for eligible dependent day care expenses, for eligible children and dependent adults. You may contribute up to $5,000 ($2,500 if you and your spouse file separate tax returns) for 2020 (subject to change each year).
Income Protection Benefits
AXA XL provides income protection benefits to give you additional peace of mind. You’ll automatically receive these benefits, with an option to purchase additional coverage during Annual Benefits Enrollment.

Basic Life, Supplemental Life, and Dependent Life Insurance are administered through MetLife.

Basic Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D), Supplemental AD&D, and Dependent AD&D are administered through XL Catlin.

Life and Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) Insurance

AXA XL Life and AD&D insurance benefits offer financial protection for you and your family in the event of your death or accidental death or dismemberment.

Note: The basic life and AD&D, supplemental AD&D, and dependent AD&D benefits reduce to 50% at age 70 and to 25% at age 75.

Company-provided coverage

AXA XL offers basic life and accidental death & dismemberment (AD&D) insurance at no cost to you. Coverage is equal to three times your annual base salary, up to a maximum of $750,000 for each plan.

Employee-paid coverage

You have the option to elect additional employee-paid coverage:
  • Supplemental Employee Life and AD&D Insurance: 1x to 5x base annual salary up to a maximum of $750,000
  • Dependent Life and AD&D Insurance: Four levels of coverage which includes coverage for spouse/domestic partner and your dependent children. To elect dependent life insurance, you must choose at least 1x your annual base salary in Supplemental Employee Life Insurance. To elect Dependent AD&D, you must elect at least 1x your annual base salary in Supplemental AD&D. 

Special opportunity for Annual Benefits Enrollment only

During the 2020 Annual Benefits Enrollment period only, you’ll have the opportunity to elect supplemental employee life insurance coverage. Depending on the level of coverage, you may be required to submit evidence of insurability (EOI), or proof of health.

You will be required to provide EOI to MetLife during this enrollment for:
  • Supplemental employee life insurance for new coverage in excess of 1x pay,
  • An increase of more than 1x pay for existing coverage,
  • Coverage that is greater than $300,000, or
  • Any elections to increase existing coverage that is already over $300,000
Any elections to increase supplemental employee life insurance during future enrollments will require EOI. EOI is not required for children.

If you are required to complete an Evidence of Insurability (EOI) form based on the level of supplemental employee life insurance that you are electing during this enrollment, MetLife will send you an EOI form for your completion. Please complete the form and submit directly to MetLife as soon as possible. You will then be advised if you have been approved for your coverage. Deductions will then commence in the next available payroll.

Dependent life insurance elections for spouse or domestic partner during this annual enrollment will not require EOI but will be required for any elections and increases in coverage for future enrollments.


You automatically receive short-term disability (STD) and long-term disability (LTD) benefits that provide financial protection if you become disabled. STD benefits are available for up to 26 weeks, starting at 100% and then reducing to 70% depending on length of service. Two LTD benefit options are available to you: basic and tax choice. Coverage is available through MetLife.

Review the 2020 Benefits Decision Guide posted on this page for details about your coverage.
Your Enrollment Information
Be sure to keep in mind the following as you enroll in your benefits between November 4 through November 15, 2019.

Enrolling Your Dependents

If you plan to cover a domestic partner, it is important to note that you must submit a domestic partner affidavit and domestic partner tax status form.

If you plan to enroll new dependents, you’ll need to first add them as a “contact” in the myHR system to ensure you are able to enroll them.

Tobacco and Working Spouse Surcharges

The following medical surcharges are in addition to your medical plan premium contributions:
  • If you or your covered spouse/domestic partner use tobacco, you’ll each pay a $75 per month surcharge.
  • If your spouse/domestic partner is working and has access to his or her employer-sponsored medical plan, you’ll pay a $100 per month surcharge.
  • When you enroll for medical coverage on myHR, you must check the appropriate boxes related to the surcharges.
Please review your elections during annual enrollment and throughout the year to ensure they accurately reflect your status.

How to Enroll

Beginning November 4, you will enroll in your benefits through myHR accessible via the company intranet. See the “Benefits Enrollment for Colleagues” reference guide for assistance navigating the enrollment system.
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