Use Your Benefits Well Overview
At XL Catlin, we want you to be able to bring your best self to everything you do—at work and at home. That’s why we offer a variety of resources to help you invest in yourself and live well.

Living well looks different to everyone. Use this section to get inspiration for how you can use XL Catlin resources well so you can live your best life.
Meet Taylor
Taylor knew something wasn’t “right” after feeling on edge last week. The only way to describe it was feeling “anxious.”

Seeking Additional Help

Taylor had heard about the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) at the 2017 Wellbeing eXpos, and decided to give them a call. Through the EAP, Taylor participated in five free counseling sessions, which helped. Taylor is starting to feel more like Taylor again.

Feeling Motivated Again

As part of a new healthy lifestyle, Taylor is incorporating more physical activity into everyday life, based on doctor’s orders. Taylor downloaded the new Cigna Apps & Activities app from the App Store and synced FitBit Versa to the Cigna app, so all physical activity could be automatically logged through MotivateMe.

Now, Taylor takes the Staying Well Program and MotivateMe everywhere—and gets rewarded for doing so!

Thinking Ahead

Next on Taylor’s agenda? Figuring out which medical plan to choose during this year’s Annual Benefits Enrollment.

Meet Pat
For Pat, this year has been one for the record books. Pat got engaged a few months ago, and is looking to lay the groundwork for a financially fit future. And, in less positive news, Pat visited the emergency room in March after falling off a bike on the way to work.

Knowing Where to Go for Care

Pat received a larger bill than was anticipated from the ER in April. After the ER incident, Pat went to a nearby urgent care center to get the stitches cleaned up, and took home a flyer about Cigna’s telehealth service. Pat vowed to never pay a big medical bill for a minor health care condition ever again—and has the telehealth phone number on speed dial now!

Preparing for Future Expenses

Pat hadn’t thought much about contributing to the Health Savings Account (HSA) that comes with the OAP HSA Plans until now. Pat did a little bit of research about the HSA on and discovered that $3,450 (less XL Catlin contribution) could be contributed to the HSA this year, as an individual.

Pat decided to increase the per-paycheck contribution, which was easy to do by emailing ​

Saving More with the HSA

Pat learned that part of the HSA contribution can be invested once the account balance reaches $2,000. Pat intends to save and invest the balance for future expenses, because Pat—like all of us—wants to thrive.

Meet Lee
Lee is married with two children. Recently, Lee’s son, Brian, was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), and Lee has been seeking effective care for him ever since. Lee also knows that they have to take care of themselves, too.

Seeing Value in Value-Based Care

While at the doctor, Lee learned about value-based care, which will help ensure Brian gets the best possible care, at the best possible price. Through Cigna Collaborative Care, Brian has access to a team of health care experts focused on providing quality, cost-effective care for ASD.

After Brian’s first appointment, Lee could already see the value in the coordinated approach to caring for his condition—in both the treatment received and the cost per visit. Plus, Brian has access to a variety of additional benefits through Cigna, like speech therapy, too.

A Little Extra Help

At last year’s Wellbeing eXpo, Lee heard about the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) and decided to give them a call to help balance the demands of work and home life. The EAP also provided free referrals for child care services for Lee’s children.

Taking Advantage of In-Network Care

As part of living well, Lee’s first step was to schedule well-person and well-child exams for the whole family (with recommended immunizations), at their local in-network doctor. The exams were free because they’re considered preventive care and they were seeing in-network providers.

Even though Lee hasn’t met the annual deductible for the OAP HSA 1 Plan yet, Lee is using the Health Savings Account to cover any visit that isn’t considered preventive care.
Meet Sydney
Sydney has been looking for relief for chronic back pain for many years, with no end in sight. Sydney contacted Health Advocate, a free advocacy service available to XL Catlin colleagues and eligible family members.

Getting Support Finding the Right Care

Because Sydney was interested in understanding how the plan would pay benefits, Sydney contacted Health Advocate to find out what the options are for this type of condition. Health Advocate promptly called Sydney back and recommended visiting a Center of Excellence (COE) for treatment.

“Center of Excellence” sounded pretty good to Sydney: “What could be better than ‘excellent’?” After researching COEs on—their signature blue star made them easy to identify—Sydney learned that these institutions have better-than-expected outcomes and deliver quality care at the best value.

Sydney attended several appointments at a COE near home, and the treatment helped relieve the pain.

Getting Back on Track

The treatment helped Sydney feel good enough to jump-start a wellbeing plan again through MotivateMe. Sydney found a range of healthy activities that can be completed to earn gift cards through the Staying Well Program. Now Sydney is feeling good, earning rewards, and living well.

Meet Jo
Jo’s health isn’t what it used to be. After many orthopedist appointments, Jo discovered that a knee replacement is needed.

Understanding Available Treatment Options

When exploring, Jo learned that a $500 gift card could be earned for participating in the ConsumerMedical Surgery Support Program prior to undergoing surgery. So, instead of immediately moving forward with the procedure, Jo called ConsumerMedical.

Thanks to ConsumerMedical, Jo understood the pros and cons of having the procedure done, and what kind of recovery to expect before investing the time and money. ConsumerMedical also helped Jo identify a different orthopedist at a Center of Excellence (COE) who specializes in knee surgery. Jo received top-quality care for an affordable cost.

Committing to Living Well

Now that Jo’s knee is on the mend, Jo is committed to getting the most out of the XL Catlin medical plan, including obtaining free age-appropriate screenings that are considered preventive care. Jo’s also making the most of the Staying Well Program. Jo earned a $100 reward for using the COE, and is able to earn more in rewards for certain screenings and well exams!

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