Wellbeing Resources Overview

Healthcare-related questions, medical decision support or care on the go – whatever your needs are, AXA XL has you covered.

  • Cigna Telehealth Connection gives you access to board-certified physicians 24/7 when you are sick and cannot make it to your regular doctor or have a behavioral health need.
  • Livongo Transform Care helps you take control of diabetes with support and supplies.
  • ConsumerMedical offers decision and information support for when you or your family face serious health-related concerns.
  • The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) gives you extra support to handle life's everyday challenges, like relationship or financial issues, at no additional cost to you.
  • Health Advocate provides guidance around filing claims, finding you a doctor in your network, assisting with eldercare issues and more! 

Use this section to learn more about AXA XL's wellbeing resources.

Additional Wellbeing Programs Through Cigna

Whether your goal is to lose weight, quit tobacco or lower your stress levels, you have the power to make it happen. Cigna Lifestyle Management Programs can help – and at no additional cost to you. If you are interested in Weight Management, Tobacco Cessation or Stress Management, visit myCigna.com for more information on these programs.

Telehealth: Physical and Behavioral

Cigna Telehealth Connection is available to you if you are enrolled in one of the AXA XL medical plan options. Cigna provides access to two telehealth services as part of your medical plan: AmWell and MDLIVE. Note: You must be enrolled in an AXA XL medical plan to take advantage of these resources.

In addition to telehealth for non-emergency physical health needs, you can also use it for behavioral health services. Scroll down the page for more information.

MDLIVE and AmWell

Health needs don’t keep office hours. With MDLIVE and AmWell you have access to board-certified physicians 24/7 through video conference, telephone, or secure email. They are lower cost alternatives to the emergency room or urgent care facility for non-emergency medical issues.

These services help you:

  • Decide between the ER or urgent care center for a non-emergency medical issue
  • Gain access to medical care when your primary care physician is not available
  • Get answers to questions about non-emergency medical issues
  • Fill a prescription or get a refill when you cannot reach your regular doctor
  • Receive non-emergency medical attention when traveling
  • When you need a doctor at night, on weekends, or on holidays

Televisits with AmWell and MDLIVE can be a cost-effective alternative to a convenience care clinic or urgent care center, and cost less than going to the emergency room. And the cost of a phone or online visit is usually the same or less than the cost of an office visit to your doctor. Remember, your telehealth services are only available for minor, non-life threatening medical conditions. In an emergency, dial 911 or go to the nearest hospital.

AmWell and MDLIVE are only available for medical visits. For covered services related to mental health and substance abuse, you have access to the Cigna Behavioral Health network of providers. Telehealth visits with Cigna Behavioral Health network providers cost the same as an in-office visit.

Visit the MDLIVE and AmWell websites, accessible via Contacts, for more information.

When to Use Telehealth

It’s 2 am and your baby is crying. He has an ear infection and the doctor isn’t in. Or, you’re traveling for work and come down with a stomach bug. Whatever your common ailment may be, call MDLIVE or AmWell when you need care most. It’s cost-effective, convenient and there when you need it. Read this to know where and when to go for care.

Behavioral Virtual Care Visits

Telehealth services can help with more than everyday medical issues. Your telemedicine benefit, through Cigna Behavioral Health and MDLIVE, includes convenient, affordable access to licensed psychiatrists, psychologists, clinical social workers, counselors, and therapists who can help you navigate a wide range of personal issues including anxiety, addiction, depression, family difficulties, and more.

With behavioral health virtual care, you get the care and attention you’d expect from an in-office visit, and you can:
  • Talk privately with a licensed counselor or psychiatrist via video or phone
  • Have a prescription sent directly to your local pharmacy
  • Pay the same out-of-pocket cost as an in-office behavioral health visit

Get the support you need today!

You can receive access to virtual counseling through MDLIVE or Cigna’s network of behavioral health providers.
  • To schedule an appointment through MDLIVE, go to myCigna.com or call 888-726-3171.
  • To find a Cigna Behavioral Health network provider, visit myCigna.com, go to “Find Care & Costs” and enter “Virtual counselor” under Doctor by Type. Or, call the number on your Cigna ID card. 
Livongo: Take Control of Diabetes
Livongo Transform Care, offered through our partnership with CVS Caremark, helps you take control of diabetes, with easy-to-use technology and expertise from Certified Diabetes Educators – at no additional cost to you.

If you and your family are enrolled in an AXA XL medical/pharmacy plan and you or a family member has diabetes, you can participate in Livongo, which offers three components:

  • A connected glucose meter that transmits your blood glucose readings, features real-time support, and offers personalized tips
  • Free and ongoing test strip supply delivered right to your door
  • Virtual coaching from Certified Diabetes Educators who are available anytime by phone, text, and the Livongo mobile app
To get started, visit join.livongo.com/AXAXL/register or call 800-945-4355 and use registration code “AXAXL.”

Where do you turn when you or your family members face a health-related concern, question or decision?

Navigating the healthcare system today can be challenging. That’s why AXA XL partners with ConsumerMedical to help colleagues obtain information and support. This valuable service provides research, available treatment options and things to consider for any medical diagnosis or health topic. Find out how ConsumerMedical can help you get high-quality care for your procedure or treatment, and even save time doing it, by watching this video.

All AXA XL colleagues are eligible for this program, regardless of whether you enroll for coverage through an AXA XL medical plan. However, only dependents covered by an AXA XL medical plan are eligible.

Participate and Earn Rewards!

ConsumerMedical also offers a Surgery Decision Support program that provides information about the risks and benefits of different surgeries, as well as guidance in understanding alternate treatment options. If you participate in this program, you can earn up to $500. For more information, visit www.myConsumerMedical.com. New users will need to enter the code: XLAmerica.

Remote Second Opinion Support

When you sign up for ConsumerMedical, you’ll have access to Remote Expert Opinion, which is an on-demand video service you can use from your desktop computer or mobile device. This service provides you with access to a virtual second opinion from world-renowned medical institutions like Memorial Sloan Kettering and Dana Farber, regardless of where you live. Remote Expert Opinions includes medical records collection, radiology and pathology review, global support capabilities, and a 48-hour turnaround time for medical reviews.

Stay Informed with Anytime Support

Each quarter, ConsumerMedical hosts free, educational webinars available to all colleagues and their dependents if they are covered under the AXA XL medical plan. You can also access webinars from ConsumerMedical's vast on-demand library. All webinars are presented by a physician and cover relevant health topics, such as what to do when you get a diagnosis and tips for healthy weight loss.

See the upcoming webinar topic and access the on-demand library here.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Life is full of challenges, big and small. Whether you're faced with relationship issues, personal or work-related stress or simply need help finding care for your child, Cigna's Employee Assistance Program (EAP) can help.  

You and your family members can call an advocate to help with the following:

  • Stress-related concerns
  • Emotional and mental health conditions
  • Child and elder care services
  • Legal and financial issues
  • And more! 

The EAP is available to all US benefits-eligible AXA XL colleagues and eligible dependents, regardless of whether you're enrolled in an AXA XL medical plan. You can contact an advocate any day, any time — at no additional cost to you.  

For face-to-face assistance, you and your family members can receive up to five free counseling sessions with a specialist per year. To find a specialist, call Cigna or visit myCigna.com and use employer ID: xlamerica.

Attend an EAP Seminar

Gain valuable tips and strategies for staying well by attending an upcoming EAP wellness seminar offered by Cigna. Hear from experts about managing stress, sticking to a budget, recognizing partner violence, improving eating habits and more.

Sign up here.

Health Advocate

Health Advocate helps you navigate and better understand your healthcare. Contact Health Advocate to help you:

  • Understand your benefit plan provisions and features
  • Untangle insurance claims
  • Find qualified doctors and hospitals
  • Navigate healthcare issues
  • Assist with eldercare issues
  • Save time and money
  • And more

Email answers@HealthAdvocate.com with your questions.

When to Use Health Advocate

Having trouble with a healthcare insurance claim? Not sure where to find the best doctor to treat osteoporosis? Whatever your healthcare related issue may be, Health Advocate can help. Health Advocate will assist you as you navigate the healthcare system. Health Advocate makes your needs the priority.

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