Own your wellbeing

2020 is the year you focus on YOU. It’s time to put yourself first—and the Wellbeing eXpo is your first step toward investing in your total wellbeing next year.

Whether you attend a Wellbeing eXpo every year – or you’re just getting started on your wellbeing journey, see what resources are available to help you own your wellbeing, every day.

By attending an eXpo, you can:
  • Get a biometric screening and flu vaccination (see registration link below) and claim your incentive award for doing so!
  • De-stress with sea salt hand scrubs, reflexology, chair massages and more
  • Check out our Nutrition Awareness Station to see how you can live a healthier lifestyle
  • Enjoy a snack, like fresh fruit or trail mix while you meet the AXA XL benefit vendors

Attend a Wellbeing eXpo

Wellbeing eXpos are happening across the United States. Download the eXpos calendar now and sign up for your biometric screening and flu vaccination.

No eXpo at your office?

You may get a biometric screening and flu vaccination by other means.

To get a biometric screening, you can:
  • Make an appointment with your doctor. You’ll need to download the Wellness Screening Form from myCigna.com (My Health > Incentives), bring the form to your appointment, and ask your doctor to complete it. Then, you’ll need to submit your results as outlined on the form. Your results will be submitted automatically to Cigna for incentive rewards. Typically, this will be covered at no cost to you as part of an eligible annual physical. 
  • Schedule an appointment at LabCorp at no cost to you. You’ll need to download the lab voucher from myCigna.com (My Health > Incentives). Then, bring the voucher and completed Consent Form and Health Behavior Questionnaire to your LabCorp appointment. Your results will be submitted automatically to Cigna for incentive rewards.
If you would like a flu vaccination, you can download the free flu vaccination voucher here.

Alternatively, if you are enrolled in the XL Catlin medical plan, the list of Cigna participating pharmacies where you can obtain your flu vaccination can be found here. You can also receive a flu vaccination from your primary care physician. *
*Check your specific coverage. If you’re enrolled in XL Catlin’s medical plan, your flu vaccination is covered at no cost if you use an in-network physician.

For AXA Art, AXA Matrix, and AXA Insurance colleagues

If you are attending an eXpo, please sign up now for your biometric screening and flu vaccination if you would like to participate.

Since your eligibility for the Cigna plans starts January 1, 2020, Cigna will save your information until you are eligible for the incentive awards*.

Starting in January, you’ll be able to redeem the earned awards for 2020. You can earn up to $450 in incentive awards (debit/gift cards) for 2020 for completing healthy actions such as the biometric screenings and flu vaccination and if you are covering your spouse/domestic partner under the AXA XL medical plan, they can also earn up to $450!

Not able to attend an eXpo? You may request a flu vaccination by downloading the free flu vaccination voucher here.

Starting on January 1, 2020, you can earn a reward for receiving a biometric screening through your primary doctor or by visiting myCigna.com and requesting a lab voucher. 

*As noted above, detailed information on the harmonized benefit plans is forthcoming. 

For more information about the Staying Well Program, visit the Staying Well Program Overview page. ​