Take charge of your wellbeing

Challenge yourself to live better this year with AXA XL’s help. Our wellbeing programs and resources help empower you to reach your 2020 wellbeing goals. What’s more, you can get rewarded through Cigna’s MotivateMe platform by completing healthy actions that align with your personal goals.

Be financially fit

Putting your financial health first is an important step to enhancing your wellbeing. AXA XL can help you tackle money matters with helpful resources like the XL America Inc. Employee Savings Plan (401(k)), the Health Savings Account (HSA), and CommonBond.

Manage your overall health

Whether you want to practice prevention, treat a condition, or save a little money on health care, AXA XL has a resource that can help: Livongo for diabetes management; ConsumerMedical for expert medical advice; Cigna Centers of Excellence (COE) for high-quality care; Cigna Telehealth Connection for affordable, convenient care; and much more.

Invest in your physical health

Being active and physically fit are important for your overall health. That’s why AXA XL offers Cigna Lifestyle Programs and the fitness related reimbursement program to help you achieve your physical wellbeing goals.

Be resilient

If you need help balancing work and life, or simply want to stress less, you can find a solution with the Employee Assistance Program, Cigna Telehealth Connection, and other Cigna resources to help you put your emotional health first.

Get started today!

Whether you’re just getting started or you’re continuing your wellbeing journey, log in to myCigna.com and click on “Wellness.” From there, you can select Wellness and Incentive Awards to earn up to $450 in wellness incentives by December 31, 2020.

Note: You can cash in your awards when you reach $450 or redeem them for smaller amounts along the way. On myCigna.com, you can keep track of the awards you’ve earned and redeem them for gift cards to popular retailers or you can request a debit card. Be sure to check in frequently so you don’t lose sight of your award earnings. You may be earning awards without even realizing it!

Want more information?

Review the Staying Well at AXA XL brochure for more information on all of the programs and resources available to help you live well this year.